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  • Faraon Sides
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    Faraon Sides

    Original Price $134.99
    Current Price $80.99

    Faraon Utility Sides are chrome-tanned and distressed cowhide leather with a firm temper and very little stretch. These cowhide sides have been tre...

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    Volcano Sides

    Original Price $134.99
    Current Price $94.49

    Volcano Sides have a medium pull-up effect, firm temper, and a waxy feel. These chrome-tanned cowhide sides are an excellent choice for a wide rang...

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  • Suede Splits
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    Suede Splits


    Durable yet soft, suede cowhide splits are great for chaps, aprons, saddle seats and moccasins. These hides may have brands and range marks. Specif...

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