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  • Faraon Sides

    Faraon Sides


    Faraon Utility Sides are chrome-tanned and distressed cowhide leather with a firm temper and very little stretch. These cowhide sides have been tre...

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  • Catalina Double Shoulders


    Catalina Double Shoulders are veg-tanned, top grain cowhide cowhides that have been drum dyed and have a distinctive high-gloss finish. Catalina Do...

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  • Goucho Whole Hides

    Goucho Whole Hides


    This leather is extremely pliable and maintains its color when stretched. Perfect for upholstery, handbags, medium weight apparel, show chaps, and...

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  • Metallic Cowhide Side
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    Metallic Cowhide Side

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    Specifications Weight/Thickness: 2 to 4 oz. (0.8 to 1.6 to mm) Average Size: 18 to 22 sq. ft. (1.67 to 2.04 sq. meters) Tannage: Chrome Tan