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Making Leather Feathers

Coloring An Eagle Feather

Coloring Leather Feathers with Jim Linnell The secrets of turning a leather feather into a realistic looking feather are in this video. Includes how to select and mix colors, how to fade and blend the various colors and how to apply background color.

Making Leather Feathers Part 1

Making Leather Feathers Part 1 with Jim Linnell Part 1 of 2 of these video programs shows how to select and prepare leather, how to trace and swivel cut the leather and how to bevel, emboss, texture, skive and add details.

Making Leather Feathers Part 2

Making Leather Feathers Part 2 with Jim Linnell Part 2 shows how to stiffen and shape the leather. Techniques for adding a wire for stability and an alternate method of making a feather are also included.

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