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Free Shipping on Orders Over $200CAD
Free Shipping on Orders Over $200CAD

The Tandy® Veg-Tan Difference

Buying veg-tan at Tandy is even
better with our new collections!

When buying veg-tan, you have many factors to consider: What are you making? How is it used? How many are you making? Natural characteristics and imperfections can add character and charm for some projects, and for others, only the most pristine hide will do. For some leatherworkers, having a consistently available tannage is critical for their business, while others may prefer to have a variety of tannages and grades at hand. Whatever your veg-tan needs are, Tandy's got you covered!


The weight or thickness of the leather you select will depend on the type of item being made:

2 to 3 oz.
Moldings, linings, embossing
4 to 5 oz.
Billfold backs, masks, clutches
6 to 7 oz.
Carved handbags, camera cases,
journal covers
8 to 9 oz.
Belts, holsters, saddle bags
3 to 4 oz.
Embossing, billfold backs, clutches
5 to 6 oz.
Small cases, notebook covers
7 to 8 oz.
Narrow belts, knife sheaths,
small holsters
9 to 10 oz.
Heavy holsters, wide belts

Pick the perfect