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Vintage Doodle Page Collectors Set - Series D9

Vintage Doodle Page Collectors Set - Series D9

This set includes the 34th series of Doodle Pages published around 1986. They contain valuable information and instructions for many aspects of leatherworking. Made by some of leatherworkings premier artists of their time, the lessons taught and the patterns given are a vast source of inspiration and knowledge for any leather artist.
Doodle Pages included:
• Corners-Tony Laier
• Swivel Knife Cuts Used As Decoration or Fillers-Robb Barr
• Blue Jay Realistic Carving-Charles Heschke
• Sailor's Delight-Bill McKay
• Country Contrast-Tim Grothen
• My Favorite Belt Designs-Elmer Heft
• The Coyote A Lesson In Hair-Tony Laier
• Tooling A Barnwood-Textured Frame Or Matte For Your Figure Carvings-Kat Kuszak
• Plaques and Shields for 3-D Stamps-Ed Walters
• Home-Carol Gehrman
• Easy Perspective With The 3-D Stamps-Tony Laier
• Basketweave Dice Cup-Gerald Poissonnier

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