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Crafting Holiday Magic: DIY Ornaments with New Acrylic Templates!

Crafting Holiday Magic: DIY Ornaments with New Acrylic Templates!

This holiday season, dive into the joy of crafting with our latest acrylic templates designed to transform your DIY ornaments. Elevate your festive decor and create unique, personalized projects you can enjoy for years to come! 


Explore a range of intricate designs, from classic stars to whimsical candy cans, all made possible by the beauty of acrylic. Enjoy the benefits of transparency for easy tracing, sturdiness for lasting creations, and reusability for an eco-friendly crafting experience.


Embark on a creative journey with our step-by-step build-along video. Perfect for all skill levels, it guides you through using the acrylic templates effectively, providing tips and tricks to make your ornaments truly special.

1. Trim your leather to size. Use the template to cut two pieces (front and back), slightly larger than the ornament. 
2. Heavily case the leather, because there is wet molding the leather needs to be super pliable. Wait 10-20 minutes to ensure the leather is fully saturated. 
3. Mold the leather. Using your fingers, clay, paper towel or an awl, work the leather through the space in the template until your desired definition is attained. Clamp together with binder clips and allow to completely dry. (Note: this can take several hours.)
4. Apply adhesive and press both pieces together. 
5. Cut the shape of the ornament out with a sharp blade. (Note: you can choose to cut the ornament into a different shape if desired.)
6. Optional steps: customize your ornament by finishing the edges, dying, stamping, painting, etc. 
7. Stamp a hole and feed lace through to hang- and you're done! 

With our new acrylic templates and the guidance of our build-along video, crafting unique DIY ornaments has never been easier. Let the holiday magic begin – happy crafting!

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