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Featured Maker: Elia De Leòn

Featured Maker: Elia De Leòn

I’m Elia De Leòn, designer and leather smith. I come from generations of dressmakers, which inspired me to pursue a degree in fashion design. After a few years of studying the trade, I debuted my first collection in NYFW. When I realized that accessories were my strong point, I shifted my focus to leather goods.

Nowadays, you can find me in my Dallas studio, which doubles as a storefront. At Elia De Leòn Vintage & Handmade, you can expect to see all of our leather creations, original designs, repurposed clothing, and cool vintage.

Follow Elia on social media @by_eliadeleon!

Shop Elia's Top 5 Tandy Picks:

1. Leather Marking Pen 2097-00

2. Tanner's Bond Permanent Adhesive Tape 2535-01

3. Hardware

4. Hair-On Leather

5. Craftool® Strap Cutter 3080-00

. . . . .

This project is perfect for Craft Cuts or Remnants!

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Modify your Leathercraft Library pattern by adding 1" all the way around. Add notches in both bottom corners to add depth.

Download the Free Pattern

Trace your pattern with a leather marking pen.

Cut out your leather using a rotary cutter and leather scissors.

Using a 1/8" drive punch, punch holes for magnetic rivets.

Install magnetic rivets.

Using Tanner's Bond® Tape, secure both pattern pieces together.

Mark rivet holes 1/8" from the top, 1/8" from the edge, and 1/2" apart OR mark your stitch line if you choose to hand sew this project.

Using a 1/8" drive punch, punch holes for rivets OR mark sewing holes with a pricking iron if you would prefer to hand sew this project.

Use a rivet setter to set your rivets OR take this time to hand sew your project.

That's it - you have a finished glasses case!

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