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Gift Idea: Cowboy Hatband with Western Element Leather

Gift Idea: Cowboy Hatband with Western Element Leather

Cynthia Duplat, founder of Western Element Leather, made and designed a beautiful cowboy hatband. Follow her step-by-step tutorial and download the FREE pattern to get started!


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  1. Using a tape measure, measure the circumference of your head, plus add an extra 7.5 inches to factor in the length needed for the adjustment holes and buckle loop
  2. Using a cutting knife, cut your desired length from 7-9oz veg tan leather with a width of 3/4". Then, taper each end of the band to a .38 inch (9.53mm) width to fit the buckle on one end, and buckle set tip on the other end: Start tapering on the side of the hatband where the first adjustment hole is punched all the way to the tip of the hatband, then, start the second tapering on the buckle side where the buckle will be folded in. These tapering steps will ensure that the buckle set will fit onto the leather, and that the hatband can be secured properly.
  3. From the left side of the leather band, measure 3" in and mark a dot, this marking will be where your belt buckle will be inserted into the leather and will fold to hold your buckle in place
  4. From the 3" marking you just made on the leather, measure the length of circumference of your head and mark another dot on the right side of the leather band, this will be the spot where the main hole will be made for your buckle to close
  5. Using a ruler, mark 2 more dots on the left and 2 more dots the right side (1/4" apart each) of the main marking you just made, these will all be hole punched to allow the hatband to be adjustable if needed
  6. Hole punch each dot marking you made, including the hole on the left-most side of your hatband where your buckle will be set. For the hole where your buckle will be set, use a 1/2" oblong punch to punch a horizontal hole for your buckle prong to fit through
  7. From the oblong punch hole, mark 4 more dots, 2 to the left and 2 to the right of the oblong punch hole ends, all 1 1/4" apart. These holes will be where your copper saddle rivets will be set at the end
  8. Wet your leather band with room temp water using a sponge or spray bottle, and apply your tooling pattern to the leather, using a stylus or pencil to create markings for where you will be carving/tooling your designs
  9. Using a swivel knife, carve your tooling designs into the leather
  10. Using the Craftool smooth beveler stamp, tool your designs onto the leather
  11. Once you have finished tooling your designs onto the leather, add a layer of Dr. Jackson's Pure Neatsfoot oil to the hatband and let sit for a few minutes, then, dye your leather with Eco-Flo All-in-one stain & finish in the Acorn Brown color
  12. Wipe off any access dye and let dry
  13. Insert your buckle set onto the hatband, placing the buckle through the oblong hole, folding the leather over the back side of the belt keeper, and adding the tip of the buckle set to the tip of the hatband
  14. Set two #9 copper rivets into the now two aligned holes on each side of the belt keeper
  15. Add your hatband to your cowboy hat and enjoy!

    Western Element Leather

    Ever since I can remember I was making art with my hands. Today, I look back and realize everything I’ve ever made has lead me to eventually finding a passion in leathercraft. I am proud to have molded that passion into a small business, of which is now Western Element Leather. The wild west and it’s elements are the inspiration for my work, and keeping history alive is my biggest goal. Every leather piece I create is influenced by the pioneers of the wild, and the makers of the past who have carried their knowledge through time. From saddle bags to wallets, belts to cowboy hat bands, and everything in between, every piece I make is made for purpose, and made to last. Every time I sit at my work bench, I aspire to make my next piece as authentically and unique as possible, and find great happiness knowing it will go to good use for years to come.




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