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Pontedero Double Shoulders

Pontedero Double Shoulders

Pontedero Double Shoulders are full-grain, A/B grade Italian veg-tanned cowhide that has been hand-stained. It is a semi-pliable leather with a subtle texture that has minimal stretch and a very light pull-up effect.

This leather has been finished using traditional, old-world methods in Firenze, Italy. These double shoulders average 14 sq. ft., with a thickness ranging from 3.5-4.5 oz (1.4-1.8mm).

Our friends at R. Riveter gave the Pontedero Double Shoulders a try

"As a business owner I rarely make time to stop and think about where it all started. The days are full, most times the nights are too. I started R. Riveter in 2011 in my garage. It was humble beginnings - just my co-founder and me trying to navigate our way through learning how to make bags at the same time we were embarking on the adventure of starting and growing our business. We would drive weekly from Dahlonega to Atlanta where we would spend hours in the local Tandy’s soaking up each and every detail we could from the staff. At that point we were making maybe 10 bags a week – that might even be a stretch.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve turned that two-woman show into an incredible team, we make hundreds, sometime thousands, of bags a week now. We’ve come a long way - but taking a minute to stop and reflect seems impossible given the daily agendas.

When I first rolled out a sample of the Pontedero double shoulder – all I could do was reminisce. This article took me back - almost forcefully – when I was hands on in every aspect. Hand cutting and hand dying every piece of every bag that we sold (or hoped to sell).

There are characteristics of that hand-stained, hand finished veg-tan that are unmatched. The touch and feel – but for me the rich, earthy scent is the most powerful experience. With this article, we are able to get the affectionate traits of that artisanal process without having to open a single bottle of leather dye.

The materials we choose to create our products are such an integral part of the design process, brand identity and ultimately the customer experience. This article of leather speaks authenticity, value, quality and character. It will transform into products that not only serve a function but become engrained with parts of the stories themselves – and as makers that is the capstone of what we strive to achieve. No matter the size of our business or the compactness of our daily schedules – the details keep us grounded in our stories and connected to our roots."- Cameron Cruse, CCO R. Riveter

Cameron Cruse is CCO of R. Riveter. Along with her business partner, she founded the handbag company and set out to provide mobile, flexible income for military spouses across the country. Cameron graduated from SCAD in 2011 with a Masters in Architecture from and a BFA in Architecture in 2010. Currently living in Southern Pines, NC with her family it has also become home for the company’s flagship Retail store and R. Riveter FabShop. R. Riveter has been recognized on the list of Inc’s 500 fastest growing private companies for the last two years (2017, 2018). Cameron was named one of the 25 people changing the future of retail in 2019 by the NRF and Apparel’s 30 under 30 in 2018. Cameron is a mother of two and proud Military Spouse. A Self-proclaimed optimist with southern roots and a passion for creative, design + problem solving. She is a firm believer that we are stronger together than we are apart.

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