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Ohio Briefcase Kit with Legacy Brand Leather

Ohio Briefcase Kit with Legacy Brand Leather

Ted Atkins, founder of Legacy Brand Leather, made our Ohio Briefcase Kit. Download the FREE instructions and follow his step-by-step tutorial to get started! Plus, shop all the materials you'll need to complete the project below!


Legacy Brand Leather

Legacy Brand Leather was created by Ted Atkins in 2013 with the intent to share his passion for minimally designed leather goods. "For me, the word 'legacy' has grown to mean 'to pass the torch' to the next generation. This means sharing your art, craft, skill, or passion with hope to inspire someone on their own journey." Since 2013, Legacy Brand Leather has sold goods locally and in the international marketplace. Ted continues to share his passion for the craft over weekly videos, which can be seen on his YouTube Channel @legacybrandleather. 




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