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Gift Idea: Satchel with Legacy Brand Leather

Gift Idea: Satchel with Legacy Brand Leather

Ted Atkins, founder of Legacy Brand Leather, made and designed a rugged leather satchel inspired by western period pieces. Download the FREE pattern and follow his step-by-step tutorial to get started!

Download the FREE Pattern

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Supplies and Hardware:



  1. Trace all pattern pieces onto the leather. Then using scissors, cut out each piece. Make sure to transfer all holes from the pattern to the leather.
  2. Bevel and dye all exposed edges of the pieces. Use your preferred edge dressing before you finish the leather.
  3. Grab the support piece and glue it to the top flap.
  4. Add 1/4 inch stitch line to the support piece. Hammer in stitching holes. Using a saddle stitch, stitch the support piece. Cut off the thread ends and burn them down.
  5. Grab the Dee Ring, trace around each Dee Ring, and glue them down.
  6. Attach the pieces with a copper rivet. Cut off the excess then hammer flat. Repeat for otherside.
  7. Add a ¼ inch stitch line so we can stitch up those back pieces. Stitch both sides.
  8. Grab buckle pieces. Use a wing divider to add decorative creases to the edge of some pieces of leather.
  9. Stitch up the keepers into little loops.
  10. Glue up the buckle pieces. We’re attaching them to the front of the bag. Repeat this 3 times.
  11. Glue the buckles to the front of the bag and sew them on with a ⅛ stitching distance and 1 row down the middle.
  12. Grab the gosset and add snaps to where the holes are.
  13. Put a ¼ inch stitching distance on the interior of the gosset
  14. Clip up the entire bag.
  15. Hammer out all the holes and stitch it up.
  16. Fold the bag right side out.
  17. Grab the top flap and the 3 smaller straps. Add the decorative crease if you’d like and taper. Mark a ¼ inch stitching distance with wing divider.
  18. Fit the straps through the cuts in the top flap.Glue the straps in place before stitching the top flap to the main bag.
  19. Hammer holes and stitch up the top flap to the main bag.
  20. Cut out about a 40 inch strap using a strap cutter and taper.
  21. For the hole for the buckle on this strap, use the bag buckle piece pattern starting from where the taper ends. Then hammer through.
  22. Stitch together loop strap keeper. Then set up a copper rivet to hold the buckle on the strap in place.
  23. Finish the top of the bag. Finish the other end of the strap.
  24. To make the top flap more secure, add copper rivets. Use copper rivets to secure straps to the dee rings.

Legacy Brand Leather

Legacy Brand Leather was created by Ted Atkins in 2013 with the intent to share his passion for minimally designed leather goods. "For me, the word 'legacy' has grown to mean 'to pass the torch' to the next generation. This means sharing your art, craft, skill, or passion with hope to inspire someone on their own journey." Since 2013, Legacy Brand Leather has sold goods locally and in the international marketplace. Ted continues to share his passion for the craft over weekly videos, which can be seen on his YouTube Channel @legacybrandleather.




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