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Gift Idea: Western Belt with Crazy Cowboy Custom Leather

Gift Idea: Western Belt with Crazy Cowboy Custom Leather

Christian Rubio, founder of Crazy Cowboy Custom Leather, made and designed a western-inspired belt and belt buckle. Follow his instructions and download the FREE pattern to get started!

Download the FREE Pattern

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  1. Trace the pattern using a Craftool® Pro Modeling Tool to make a light impression
  2. Use the Swivel Knife to make deeper cuts while following the design of the pattern
  3. Continue carving the pattern with an array of stamps:
    1. Craftool® Pro Swivel Knife (SKU 82009-01)
    2. 18 Seed Oval Center Stamps (SKU 8875-10)
    3. Thumbprint Horizontal Stamps (SKU 8875-30)
    4. Craftool® Checkered Figure Carving Stamp (SKU 6898-00)
    5. P368 Craftool® Checkered Pear Shader Stamp (SKU 6368-00)
    6. Craftool® Checkered Pear Background Stamp (SKU 6104-00)
    7. Seed Backgrounder Stamps #35 (SKU 8875-20)
    8. Seed Backgrounder Stamps #35 (SKU 8875-19)
    9. Seed Backgrounder Stamps #35 (SKU 8875-21)
    10. Thumbprint Horizontal Stamps (SKU 8875-30)
    11. Seed Backgrounder Stamps #35 (SKU 8875-20)
    12. Lined & Scalloped Veiner Stamps (SKU 8875-37)
    13. Lined & Scalloped Veiner Stamps (SKU 8875-38)
    14. Smooth Beveler Stamp (SKU 8875-43)
    15. Craftool® Seeder Stamp (SKU 6631-00)
    16. Craftool® Crescent Camouflage Stamp (SKU 6770-00)
    17. Craftool® Rounded Mulefoot Stamp (SKU 6851-00)
  4. Apply Eco-Flo Leather Dye in Bison Brown or another color of your choice
  5. Apply Eco-Flo Super Shene three times
  6. Apply Eco-Flo Gel Antique in Medium Brown or another color of your choice
  7. Once dry, apply one more coat of Eco-Flo Super Shene to clean off the gel

    Crazy Cowboy Custom Leather

    Christian Rubio, owner of Crazy Cowboy Custom Leather, was born in Cocula, Jalisco Mexico, which is also known as "La Cuna Del Mariachi," or "The Cradle of Mariachi," given that mariachi music originated there in the 19th century. Living in California, Crazy Cowboy Custom Leather is a small business Christian founded out of inspiration and teachings from watching Tandy Leather videos on YouTube. “I believe that the best way to learn about chiseling and finishing is by watching Tandy Leather videos. That is how I learned many of my skills. I strive to improve everyday to ensure I can offer a good product to my clients.”


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