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Ren Faire Wears: Build Your Own Pauldrons

Ren Faire Wears: Build Your Own Pauldrons

Renaissance Faires nationwide are becoming more and more popular, featuring medieval reenactments, cosplay, and LARPing, the allure of authentic-looking armor is undeniable. Leather armor, in particular, offers a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and comfort. If you're a craft enthusiast or a dedicated warrior looking to enhance your gear, creating leather armor from a paper pattern is a rewarding endeavor. Here’s an exploration of this fascinating process.

Every great piece of armor starts with a vision. Whether you’re inspired by historical designs or modern fantasy, the first step is to conceptualize the armor’s appearance and functionality. Starting with our Pauldrons Paper Pattern is a great way to build onto your 

Follow along with our build-a-long video to learn how to craft your own unique, custom and specific to you chest armor that will make you the talk every Faire around the land! 

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