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Free Shipping on Orders Over $200CAD
Free Shipping on Orders Over $200CAD


Whether it’s Your First or 500th Time Working with Leather - We’re Here for You

Since 1919, Tandy Leather has been the resource for generations of leathercrafters, providing quality leather, tools, kits and teaching resources. Charles Tandy’s dream was to teach the world leathercraft, one person at a time. Whether you are a child or an adult, leathercraft offers fun and rewards to all that care to take the adventure. The history of leather speaks for itself, dating back to the beginning of mankind when leather was vital for survival by providing protection against the elements of nature when animal skins were used as clothing and footwear.

Today, leather continues to be used for clothing; mainly for warmth and fashion but it goes way beyond those purposes today. Leather has captured the hearts of so many, young and old. We continue to strive to make Charles Tandy’s dream to teach leathercraft to the world one person at a time a reality with exceptional customer service,quality product offerings, and a welcoming environment that takes the mystery out of leathercraft.

Mission & Values

To build on our legacy of inspiring the timeless art and trade of leatherworking.

Leathercrafting is, at its core, about self-expression. Our message to our customers, Make Your Mark, reflects our commitment to individuality, without judgment. We’re here to be the best leather supplier we can be, so our customers can continue to make their next creation, grow their business or pursue their passion.

We also know that we can do more to make Tandy a safe, inclusive and welcoming place for everyone, and we remain dedicated to making that happen.

"To teach and inspire the art of leathercrafting, one person, one class, one neighborhood, one community at a time."

The Heart of Tandy

leaders in leathercraft

We are the world’s leading distributor of premium leather and supplies. Not only do we distribute globally from our online presence, but we have over 100 stores in operation around the world. Our stores are fully stocked and managed by experienced leathercraft professionals ready to give you outstanding service and answer any leather-related questions. Tandy offers the widespread reach of online stores and the one-on-one customer service you deserve.

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Customer satisfaction

Our most important responsibility is taking care of every customer’s needs. Expect 100% satisfaction every time you make a purchase or visit one of our locations. Your relationship with Tandy Leather is highly respected and appreciated.


We know our product and we love to talk about it. Need some information or suggestions on a future project? Just ask us for advice or suggestions.


It’s easy to order for projects of every size using our website, the phone, or by mail. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours.


The most complete leather and leather supply line found anywhere.

Global Presence

Order processing from over 100 company-owned locations in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain and Australia.


Top quality products from around the world.

Classes / Education

We offer workshops, demos and classes to make your LEATHER experience the best. Need to know how a tool works? Just ask and we’ll happily demonstrate it for you on the spot.

Youth Groups & Camps

A stepping stone into leathercraft for so many. We actively work with youth groups of all kinds. Ask us about leader training, free demos, group tours and workshops.