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Craftool® Celtic Stamp Set

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Craftool® stamps are an investment that will last for years to come! Our intricately detailed stamps speed your leatherwork and give it a top quality, professional look. You'll be amazed at the details cast into these stamps. Have fun using your imagination to create interesting designs. Instantly add a unique Celtic design or border to your leather projects. Set includes four different impressions to help you create a variety of designs. Simply connect the stamps, it's that easy.


  • Short Straight Stamp: 0.19 x 0.31 in. (4.76 x 7.94 mm)
  • Long Straight Stamp: 0.19 x 0.63 in. (4.76 x 15.88 mm)
  • Corner Stamp: 0.19 x 0.44 in. (4.76 x 11.11 mm)
  • Curved Stamp: 0.19 x 0.75 in. (4.76 x 19.05 mm)

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