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Eco-Flo Easy-Carve Concentrate 8 Oz.

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Eco-Flo Easy Carve Concentrate is a water based, low V.O.C., leather prep, casing concentrate for use on veg-tanned tooling leather. Easy-Carve mixed with water and applied to leather:
• reduces swivel knife drag, even in hard to carve leather
• helps leather accept, then retain proper water content which increases tooling time
• sets up surface of leather for crisper tool impressions and more pronounced burnishing
• is a perfect solution for pre-treating leather to be formed and molded
• does not effect the way leather accepts dyes, stains, antiques and finishes.

Directions for use: Add one part Easy-Carve to ten parts water and mix thoroughly. Do not mix or store in a metal container. Solution stored in a metal container may stain the leather. Apply a liberal coat of solution to grain side of leather with a sponge or sprayer. Allow solution to soak in, which will darken leather. When surface of leather begins to return to normal color, leather is ready for tracing, carving and tooling. For maximum penetration, place leather treated with Easy-Carve solution in a plastic bag and allows to cure overnight. After leather has cured, remove from plastic bag and begin to work as soon as surface of leather begins to return to normal color. If leather is to be formed and molded, apply Easy-Carve solution to both sides of leather and begin working immediately.

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  • This product will not work properly if frozen and may freeze if shipped in winter.