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Making Leather Knife Sheaths

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Volume 1: This comprehensive how-to book by David Hölter and Peter Fronteddu explains how to create beautiful sheaths for fixblade knives. Includes step-by-step instructions for four different projects— a sheath with a folded belt loop, scabbard with leather lining and riveted belt loop, sheath with safety strap and attached belt loop, and a scabbard with a belt clip—with high quality images accompanying each.

Volume 2: In addition to detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating a welted sheath with attached belt loop and a welted sheath with a belt clip and protective strap, this manual is a helpful resource for developing entirely custom sheaths by outlining their fundamental design.

    Volume 3: This in-depth volume offers instructions for creating a welted sheath with a separate Mexican loop and snap faster, all while explaining the design and construction of welted sheaths for fixed blades.


    • Volume 1 Page Count: 144
    • Volume 2 Page Count: 144
    • Volume 3 Page Count: 152

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