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Free Shipping on Orders Over $199CAD*

Terraflex Sheet 29-1/2" X 19-1/2" (749 X 495 mm)

SKU 3490-02
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Original price $40.49
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TerraFlex is a high quality, solvent-free processed thermoplastic material. It can be used in sheet form or molded and shaped by heat (heat gun or hair dryer). When heated, TerraFlex can be bonded onto itself for when multiple layers are needed. Our Eco-Weld Cement works very well to bond TerraFlex to leather. TerraFlex is fully recyclable. Scraps can be repurposed by heating them together and rolling out flat again.
Uses for TerraFlex:
-Bag Stiffener
-Pattern Template
-Lining for Sheaths and Holsters

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